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Metocean Design Criteria and Extremes

Ambient and extreme metocean conditions can challenge the structural integrity of ships and offshore and coastal facilities. Understanding these conditions must therefore be integral to designing marine development sites and naval assets.

Earth Observation Data

Globally available satellite-observed data provides the first indication of local metocean conditions. It also functions as an independent data source to support validation or calibration.

Metocean Modelling and Data Services

Infoplaza Marine Weather develops, maintains and operates state-of-the-art numerical metocean models covering local, regional and global conditions.

Metocean Operability Statistics

Metocean conditions can compromise the safety and efficiency of marine operations. An accurate assessment of these conditions makes it possible to plan operations within safe weather windows, reducing risk and downtime.

On-Line Wind and Wave Statistics

From preparing a bid through to exploration and planning, metocean information that is up-to-date and easily obtainable is vital to marine operations.

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General Enquiries

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Metocean Data Module

You have reached the login page for the prototype portal, the bespoke internet gateway to your metocean information. In order to proceed please enter the username and password combination IMW has previously sent you. This combination is unique to you, meaning that your confidential, valuable data is secure and cannot be accessed by 3rd parties.

The IMW Metocean Portal is a powerful system founded on state-of-the-art web and database technology, enabling you to efficiently access, visualise and verify your metocean information via a single gateway. The Portal offers the facility to utilise not only IMW data to which you have access, but also material you provide for hosting in the system.

The Metocean Portal is being developed under the auspices of the UK Technology Strategy Board contract number 4227-33205, “Harnessing Large Data Sets – Metocean Information Provision “End-to-End (MIPE2E)””. IMW is the lead partner in a consortium that includes the Environmental Systems Science Centre (ESSC) of the University of Reading and OceanExpert Ltd. Both organisations are acknowledged for their extensive contributions to the project.

Comments and suggestions concerning optimisation of this prototype Portal are welcomed. Please contact IMW via the links to the right.



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