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Integrated MetOcean Data

High quality, fully validated MetOcean data enables better understanding and enhances analysis quality.

Performance Coefficients

Isolate the cause of performance degradation and quantify changes over time.

On-Board KPI Trending

Create performance targets and improve on-board awareness through easy to understand traffic light indicators.

Trim Advice

Optimise trim to improve vessel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Contact Us

Infoplaza Marine Weather
Sleepboot 5
3991 CN Houten
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)527 769 105

General Enquiries

Visit the Contact Us page for more details.


Free product information available for review at your leisure. For more downloads please visit the Infoplaza Marine Weather home page on http://www.bmtargoss.com/downloads/.

Wave Expertise

Explains IMW's knowledge about wave modelling and analysis.

Download »

Tidal Information

About tidal information in support of operations planning and depth survey tidal correction.

Download »

Ambient and Extreme Metocean Criteria

Infoplaza Marine Weather provides ambient and extreme climate information to aid operational planning and structural design.

Download »

Metocean and Forecasting

Presentation about Infoplaza Marine Weather's metocean capabilities (28 MB)

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